Tier 1:

These are the top of the range products for each brand using only the highest quality materials for each type of product. Made to be the most luxurious products.


Novadown Duvets

95% Hungarian Goose Down (HGD), HGD Four Seasons, 95% HGD Summer Weight, HGD Marriage Saver, Alpaca 400gsm, Alpaca Four Seasons.


Novadown Pillows

95% HGD, 80% HGD, 50/50 Alpaca Wool.


Novadown Other

White Goose Down (WGD) Mattress Topper, Cotton Mattress Protector, Cotton Pillow Protector.


Ellis Fibre Duvets

Alpaca 400gsm, Alpaca Four Seasons.


Ellis Fibre Pillows

50/50 Alpaca Wool.


Novadown Baby Range:

Range of Baby Products, Cot Duvets etc. 


Ellis Fibre Baby Range:

Range of Baby Products, Cot Duvets etc. Currently after concept for new designs for a cot duvet, information for this will be sent via email.


Tier 2:

Still very high quality products, but made with materials that are either a step down from the very top tier of products (White goose instead of hungarian), or a combination of the top tier and a lower tier (Alpaca and Wool combined)


Novadown Duvets

95% WGD


Novadown Pillows

80% WGD


Ellis Fibre Duvets

50/50 Alpaca & wool


Tier 3:

Products made using materials that are at a more affordable level, while still being high quality.


Novadown Duvets

80% White Duck Down (WDD), WDD Four Seasons


Novadown Pillows

25% WDD, 5% WDD, Bamboo, Down Alternative (Will have active link next week)


Novadown Other

Reversible Wool Underlay, Bamboo Sheets


Ellis Fibre Duvets

Queenstown 600gsm Wool, Wanaka 400gsm Wool, Tekapo 200gsm Wool, Arrowtown Wool Four Seasons.


Ellis Fibre Scented Pillows

Lavender, Lavender Kids, Passion, Aromatherapy, Rose, Breathe Easy


Ellis Fibre Other

Reversible Wool Underlay, Magnetic Underlay


Tier 4:

This tier is just our base level polyester pillows that go across both brands, and our Pet Beds.


Ashtma & Anti-Allergy Range, Hi-gene Range (Soft, Medium, Firm, Lodge, Euro), Polyester/Alpaca Pet Beds.