Just as with any other product, the better you care for your bedding product, the longer it will bring you joy and a restful night.


Down and Feather Products

  1. To keep your down product light and fluffy, we recommend you give it a good shake every day.
  2. Additionally, you should air your duvet or pillow regularly in direct sunlight or on medium heat in the drier for 10-15min to maintain the loft and to help evaporate any moisture absorbed during the night. This also helps prevent mildew or other bacteria grow on your product.
  3. Every 18-24 months we highly recommend a more thorough and extensive cleaning to get rid of dead skin cells, body oils or dust mites. To help you with the maintenance of your down product, we have founded our Dr.Duvet Clinic, which offers various different cleaning services for your duvet or pillow. 
Spot Cleaning your Down Duvet
  1. Lay your duvet on a flat surface and try to move all of the fill away from the stained area
  2. Treat the spot by gently rubbing mild detergent or spot remover into the stain
  3. Rinse the affected area immediately with water making sure to get all soap out of your duvet, while trying not to get any of the down wet
  4. Use either a hair dryer or put the duvet in a dryer using air fluff or medium heat to dry the fabric (if the fill got wet, make sure that it is entirely dry before putting it back in its cover; any residual moisture can lead to the development of mildew).


 Lambswool, Alpaca and Bamboo Products

  1. The first step in maintaining your wool product is to give it a good shake to help the fibres to remain fluffy and evenly spread out. While a daily shaking is not necessary for wool products, it is, nonetheless, recommended on a regular basis to keep the wool as lofty as possible.
  2. The second step in your duvet and pillow care, is to air it frequently in direct sunlight to help evaporate any moisture absorbed during the night. This reduces the risk of mildew and other bacteria growing on your duvet and pillow. 
  3. Every 18-24 months a more thorough cleaning is required to get rid of dead skin cells, body oils and dust mites. For this we recommend you take your duvet or pillow to a dry cleaning place and get it professionally dry-cleaned.