The secret of down and feather is to achieve maximum insulation with a minimum of weight. This places great importance on the quality and type of filling.


Our duvets and pillows consists of a mixture of down and feather filling. The down content is always stated first, with the feather percentage second (Example: 95/5 refers to 95% down fill and 5% feather fill).


For none of our products do we use feathers and downs plucked from live animals, all of our feathers and down are sourced from either dead goose or duck.



What is the difference between Hungarian Goose, White Goose and White Duck?


Hungarian Goose Down is the premium type of down due to its superior down size. Hungarian Goose Down is the ultimate insulator and ideal for those who feel the cold or who prefer lightweight products. The reason for that is that the larger the down cluster, the more efficient it is in trapping air and therefore more efficient at insulating.


White Goose Down is larger than duck down, but not as large or quite as efficient at trapping air and insulating as Hungarian goose down and is ideal for those that tend to get too warm in bed.


White Duck Down is a smaller down size and the most cost sensitive choice. Duck down duvets and pillows are a great entry level down product .



Why is a larger down cluster better?


The larger the down cluster...

  • the higher the quality
  • the higher it will loft
  • the longer it will keep its loft
  • the more air it can trap
  • the better the insulation performance
  • the lighter the duvet


Why we use a mixture of down and feather


Feathers are hard and heavy, and are used for flying and swimming. Down is soft and three dimensional. Acting as an insulator by trapping air in its soft fibres, birds use their down to hold air at high altitudes and low temperatures with a minimum of weight.


This means the higher the down percentage in your duvet, the lighter and warmer it will be.


 In pillows, a higher percentage of down makes the pillow softer and fluffier.


Even though down seems the perfect filler, it is important to also add feathers to the bedding products, as feathers give the product extra support and bulk and extend its life span.


To make sure we utilize the unique qualities, which make down and feather mixtures so ideal for bedding, to their full potential, we at Novadown take great care in finding the right balance between softness and support. This results in a luxurious product range that is breathable, moisture absorbent, resistant to compression, incredibly light, wonderfully snugly and exceptional at keeping you warm when you need it - thus controlling temperature and giving you a better night's sleep.



What is Fill Power?


Fill power is a method to measure a down’s quality and insulating performance and is an internationally recognised way of determining a down’s volume to weight ratio. The higher the fill power, the more warmth is provided for the same weight. It is based on the volume (inᶾ) filled by 1oz of down and usually ranges from 400 to 700+. The higher the fill power, the larger and stronger the cluster of down, the better the insulation and the longer the life span of your bedding product.


Knowing the fill power will give you an idea of the size of the down used, which is important as it is the air that is trapped between the down fibres that keeps you warm. The higher the fill power, the larger the down fibres, the more air that can be trapped, the warmer you will be.


Within the Novadown range our highest fill power of 700+ is provided by Hungarian goose down. The following graph indicates the filling power of the entire goose range and shows how the filling power alters as different percentages of down to feather are used.





How do we ensure the quality of our products?


To guarantee that our products are of the best quality possible, we follow the USA standards, which are the highest and strictest standards for down and feather in the world. All businesses that we source our down and feathers from belong to internationally recognized down and feather associations (for a list of all associations, visit By working with companies that belong to an association, we can be sure that the quality as well as the processing of the down and feathers, such as cleaning, is monitored and meets international standards.

Our finished products also have to go through a rigorous testing process to ensure they meet our quality standards. To ensure the high quality of our down and feather products, they are regularly tested with the International Down and Feather Laboratories (IDFL) in Utah, USA. IDFL is the global leader in filled textile testing. Founded in 1978 in Salt Lake City, IDFL is the largest down and feather laboratory in the world (