While comfort seems the most obvious criteria when choosing a pillow, it is just as important to make sure your pillow gives your neck and spine the support it needs. Sleeping on the wrong pillow can result in headaches, pinched nerves or a kink in your neck. That means finding a pillow that not only supports your head but also your neck is crucial for a good night's sleep and your well-being.


The perfect thickness for your pillow depends on your preferred sleeping position. For those pillows that come in different thicknesses we recommend:

  • Firm or Medium for Side Sleepers
  • Medium for Back Sleepers
  • Soft for Stomach Sleepers

 All pillows that come in only one thickness are made with medium firmness and are therefore best suitable for back and side sleepers.


To judge whether or not your pillow is as supportive as it should be, we suggest you lay down in your usual sleeping position. In this position the right pillow will fill out the space between your head and your shoulder perfectly.


If you are a back sleeper, your ear should also be in line with your shoulder. This ensures your spine is positioned at the correct  angle.


If you are a side sleeper, your spine should be as horizontal as possible, you don’t want your head to be either propped up too much nor do you want it to tilt backwards.


Sleeping on your stomach is the least recommended sleeping position from a health point of view, but if you find this to be the most comfortable, make sure to use a very thin pillow to avoid neck or back pain.


After approximately two years, any pillow will lose its integrity and support. Combined with the dirt, dead skin cells and oils that accumulate in your pillow over this period of time, experts generally recommend to replace your pillow every 18-24 months.


If you have a feather and down pillow that you've spent a lot of money on, you obviously do not want to throw your pillow out after 2 years. That's why we offer our Dr. Duvet Service for cleaning and maintaining your down pillow and duvet. Send your pillow in for our Dr. Duvet Service and we'll make sure you get it back fresh and clean. If you feel like your pillow is not thick and puffy enough anymore, we can also add more fill or even replace the old fill if desired. For more information on Dr. Duvet click here.