Which Quilt Should I Choose?

In choosing your quilt you need to consider factors such as geography, climate and ambient temperature. However, it is important to weigh up all these factors including individual preference in your final decision. For example, in older larger properties with solid walls, where it becomes cold on winter nights, you may need a much warmer quilt than for the same night in a more modern insulated property where the temperature remains more constant.

Novadown quilts are designed for comfort and warmth. Typically our down fills are 15–20% higher in fill weight and have higher filling power than existing products on the market. They are ideal for those cold winter nights, colder regions and for those people who feel the cold.

Novadown also have a lighter weight duvet inners specifically designed for summer, warmer regions or well insulated homes. These duvets are the Bamboo and Down Alternative 300gsm duvets

Another alternative is a combination duvet. This has a summer and autumn weight individual duvets that dome together to make a winter weight or used separately, perfect for all year round use.


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