Novadown products are great for people suffering from asthma and allergies

We at Novadown are aware of the fact that one in four Kiwi kids and one in six adults have asthma, making it more than 800,000 New Zealanders that have to live with asthma, allergies and other a respiratory conditions.

To help everybody suffering from asthma and allergies, we have committed ourselves to the Sensitive Choice® programme and are proud that many of our products are allowed to carry the Sensitive Choice® logo, identifying our duvets and pillows as asthma and allergy-aware products.

Many products from Novadown are made specifically for people suffering from asthma or allergies and carry the Sensitive Choice® approval. The approval follows a vigorous reviewing process by the Asthma Foundation NZ and only products that meet their strict regulations are allowed to carry the Blue Butterfly logo. All of our Sensitive Choice® approved products have been treated with the highest quality, internationally recognised Sanitized® Actifresh antibacterial protection, which inhibits the growth of bacteria and fungi, making our pillows a safe choice for asthma and allergy sufferers.

What is Sensitive Choice®?

Sensitive Choice® is a community service programme whose mission it is to create purer, cleaner, fresher air and reduce allergic reactions by cleansing and purifying the personal environments in which we all live and breathe.

The purpose of the programme under the patronage of the Asthma Foundation of New Zealand and the National Asthma Council Australia is to help consumers identify products that are safe to use and that can help manage one’s asthma and allergies more effectively. It is also a way for companies to communicate their commitment to reducing asthma and allergy triggers in products.

What differentiates Sensitive Choice® from other health benefit claims?

While many companies claim their products to help people suffering from health issues, Sensitive Choice® products can back these claims with the results of the vigorous review processes that precedes the permission to carry the Sensitive Choice® Blue Butterfly Trust Mark. This gives both, the consumer as well as the sales personnel the security that any claims made on the benefits of the products are honest and can be trusted.

The Sensitive Choice® Approval Process

The product approval process can be a lengthy process, taking anywhere from two months to two years.

The products are reviewed by a voluntary and independent Product Advisory Panel, the members of which are based throughout New Zealand and Australia and consist of the following:

  • a respiratory physician
  • an allergist
  • a general practitioner
  • a pharmacist
  • an industrial chemist
  • an engineer
  • a person with asthma

For a product to be considered, an in-depth application form including up to eight product samples and supporting research material must be submitted. Each application is then reviewed, read and discussed rigorously by the Product Advisory Panel. Only when each member of the panel is satisfied that the product is not harmful and demonstrates a potential benefit for people with asthma or allergies will it become a member of the Sensitive Choice® programme. The recommendation is not subject to appeal and applicants are not able to meet any panel members or discuss their application directly with the panel.


What is Sanitized® Actifresh?

Sanitized® Actifresh is a treatment for our bedding products that acts directly on cold blooded insects such as dust mites. The product is safe and environmentally friendly and retains its anti-bacterial and anti-dust mite protection even after 60ºC washing. To ensure our products remain within the strict standards of the Sanitized® license, they get retested by Sanitized® every two years.


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