look whats new to our product range

We have added to our great price range of Down Alternative bedding products. The NEW Down Alternative Four seasons duvet inner is available from 15th May. This duvet comes with a light weight summer (200gsm) duvet inner and also a mid weight Autumn (300gsm) duvet inner. These two duvets handily dome together to make a winter (500gsm) weight duvet that feels and acts like down and feather. This range is seriously detailed with a very fancy gusset wall along the outside of the duvet trimmed with satin piping to add a little bling to the duvet inner. The Down Alternative range is washable and also carries the Asthma Foundation's Sensitive Choice approval which makes it perfect choice for folks with Allergies & or Asthma. Check out this new duvet inner in our Quilts/ Duvet section

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